(From Six Lessons with Delphi, Lesson 1: The Earth Has a Body)

We are all united in one body
that is called Earth.
That is why we have to take care of her.

- Delphi

Hi! My name is Delphi...

and I know a lot about Mother Earth and all the animals on the Earth.

Mother Earth feels trapped now because people haven't taken care of her properly. She is very sad. I know, because she told me so. Please help her, she needs your help....

The Circle of Life

Everyone is related. I mean EVERYONE. That is the way we were made...like cousins, uncles, sisters and brothers. I like to think of everyone as family. I'll give you an example of what I am talking about.

Pretend you are seeing one of the dog people in front of you. (I call them "people," you may not. But that's okay too.)

Let's pretend you see a dog person and you say, instead of "dog," UNCLE DOG. See what I mean? That denotes respect. Or SISTER HORSE. Of course, when you know their true name--like mine is Delphi--then you can say SISTER DELPHI. How does that sound to you? That's the way you can begin to remember that we are really a CIRCLE OF LIFE, all connected together by Grandmother Love. Then no one will hurt another. We will all get along fine.


You have learned a lot already, haven't you?

Do you have a notebook?

I think you need one with these lessons.

Then you can write down what you have learned.

You can make numbers in front of the LEARNING POINTS. They will stand out for you when you read them again.

The Real Laws

You know that in the beginning when the Creator made this Earth and all the people on her, the Creator also made real laws that we all knew and obeyed. There was nothing to hurt Earth at that time. We all knew each other as friends and helpers, and we all knew the REAL LAWS and lived peacefully by them. Then people forgot these laws and Earth was sad.

Too many trees began to be chopped down without asking. Most of the humans forgot that we all have voices to hear, hearts to know. Soon Earth was out of balance; weather forgot its duty to be kind to everyone. Most humans became separated in mind and heart from their brothers and sisters on Earth. Then it was that Mother Earth felt alone. She was very sad.

Many children are ready to help Mother Earth. But they don't know each other. That's the trouble. My plan is to connect all the children in the world together so that they can teach the grown-ups the REAL LAWS and how we should behave on our planet. If you are a grown-up already and would like to be a child again, then you can join my plan. We all are children in the heart! I know this for a fact!

The REAL LAWS have always been with us. The Creator made them so all could live in harmony and be happy. I would like to remind you of a few of them and then maybe you could tell me some...to add to the list.

Now, the Creator had this idea that Mother Earth was a person just like I am a person and you are a person. Mother Earth, as our planet, belongs in our hearts and minds. She is really our closest friend when it comes down to it. So, what I am saying here is RESPECT MOTHER EARTH. She has to be included in all our thoughts and actions. The words that we speak have to remember Mother Earth. Every step we take is WITH HER. The Creator laid down these laws about her so we would make a fine team in the solar system.

A solar system is a gathering of planets, stars, moons and a sun. They all get along together as one body under the Creator's real laws and His smile.

I know you have some thoughts of your own. I wouldn't mind hearing from you about this.


Here is a list of the REAL LAWS so you can remember them:

1. Always ask permission before you intrude into a person's place. Like...I wouldn't just come into your house without asking you, would I? Well, that's what I mean. So...RESPECT EVERYONE'S HOUSE is the first real law.

2. Don't hurt any of the people. (By people, I mean everyone.) To live in peace, we all have to care for one another. Imagine what it would be like on Mother Earth if we all obeyed that law!

3. A tree is a person too. You have to ask permission of a tree before you cut it down or even take one of its branches. When you break a branch off a tree suddenly, without asking permission first, it causes the tree pain. But when you ask permission first and the tree person says "yes," the tree does not suffer. But that's only if the tree says "yes," mind you! So I'm saying here: ASK PERMISSION BEFORE YOU TAKE ANYTHING. Don't just grab it! It's not yours until it gives itself to you. That's a law!

4. Thank the tree. If you will always say "thank you" when the tree gives you its branch, or the rain begins to fall, then there will be no shortage for anyone. Every "thank you" produces of itself a hundred times more abundance. PRACTICE SAYING "THANK YOU" FOR EVERYTHING. I think this is one of the most important of the real laws. I give thanks all of the time and I hope you do too! I always tell myself, "Delphi, if you don't give thanks, how will the Creator know where you are?"

5. Always remember that we are a family and we have to consider each one of us as special. I'm special, you're special. That way no one gets hurt. We are all happy together. And that's important! We will live in harmony and in peace if you do this. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WE ARE ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY OF EARTH AND WE ARE ALL RELATED.

The REAL LAWS are very important and need to be understood and then PRACTICED. Every law is important, remember that.

My Pink Ribbon Project and How You Can Join It

I have a special project that I call the PINK RIBBON PROJECT. This project is all about remembering that we are partners in the Circle of Life and that we have a job to do--each one of us--in this Circle.

What's your job? Write it in your notebook if you know it. You don't want to forget why you are here, you know!

Remember that I said that we are all bound together as a family with Mother Earth? Well, that's true enough. But I have more to say about this. The ribbon that binds us all together as one family is a bright pink. Just like I told you--the Pink Ribbon Project!

Pink is the color of love, and it is always love that connects us all together as the Circle of Life!

So, when you become a member of my Pink Ribbon Project, you are agreeing with Mother Earth and the Creator that we are all one family--human and animal. EVERYBODY! Each one of us is a person and each one of us is important. Every one of us has a job to do for Mother Earth. I know you know this but I am reminding you, just like I am reminding myself. Wear a pink ribbon now.

When you join my project, you can wear a bright pink ribbon. That ribbon means that you are an important member of the Circle of Life, that you practice the real laws and that you are a friend of Mother Earth.

Let me know what you think about all of this. I hope to hear from you soon.

Your Earth Treaty

You can make a difference. Mother Earth needs your help.
She is counting on you to tell people how much she needs their help too.

I would like to tell you about the Earth Treaty Project because this is one way we can all help to make the earth better and a happier place to be. When you make a treaty, it is like a promise, you know. You can't go back on it.

Tell Mother Earth that you are going to help and then read your treaty to her. She might have some suggestions to make.

And send me a copy. I would like to know what you wrote too!

You can see what other kids have written...(Click here, then click"Example Treaties" on the left side of the kids4earth home page or "Examples of Earth Treaties" at the bottom of the home page.) I think if you will write from your heart, it will be a very special treaty and will make Mother Earth smile.

Lots of Homework...

1. Practice thinking that animals and plants and you and I are FAMILY. We are all part of the Circle of Life and we love one another.

2. After reading about the REAL LAWS, what other laws can you think of that would help Mother Earth and all the animals, plants and trees? Make a list of all the laws you can think of. And don't forget, I'd like to see them too!

3. Have you thought of your job to help Mother Earth? My job is to let people know that dogs can speak. Please wear a bright pink ribbon if you can think of your job.

And have a happy day!


Your friend,


Six Lessons with Delphi, by Patricia Jepsen and Delphi, pages 1-16,
copyright 2002 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse, ISBN 0-9667560-2-9