(From Six Lessons with Delphi, Meet Delphi)

My name is Delphi
and I would like
you to be a
partner with me.
I am a golden
retriever by birth.

I came to this planet to help everybody. I saw that Mother Earth needed help and so I came--as did other persons like myself. We are more like angels than what you call animals. This is because we know a lot. And we carry a lot of love with us. Bundles of love, in fact. I hope you can feel my love when I write this, because I really want you to. I want you to love just like I do. That's what these lessons are about...loving one another like brothers and sisters and taking good care of Mother Earth.

Perhaps it is new to you that dogs can speak. That is my mission...to let you know that. There are some books out now by very smart people that do tell you about this. Of course, all life is speaking. You do know that, don't you? We have to listen, that's all. Most of us don't listen. We have to learn to listen and to believe. I think lots of little kids have understanding about this already...and then some of them forget when they go to school to learn things like arithmetic and reading!

So, I am writing this book with my partner, Pat. Pat and I are almost one person when we write. Of like mind, so to speak. If you will now begin Lesson One, believing that I am speaking, you will learn a lot. I hope so, anyway!

- Your friend, Delphi


Six Lessons with Delphi, by Patricia Jepsen and Delphi, pages v-vi,
copyright 2002 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse, ISBN 0-9667560-2-9