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Cover Illustration by Kimberley Hevesy


Who are the children
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Animals, kind acts and earth ethics

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By Patricia Jepsen
(2002, 8 1/2"x 5 1/2", 21 pages, stapled booklet, US$6.00)


Animals, kind acts and earth ethics

...I have found that in the Sanctuary School classes and in talking and visiting with children in different parts of this country, many have a natural feeling, a bonding, with the animal kingdom. They often can tell me what the animal friend is saying or what they need. Children write to Delphi and expect her to answer. They are not surprised when she does!

Our nine-year-old Delphi student says, "Communicating with animals is telepathy from the heart.

The Circle of Life philosophy that is the theme for the Sanctuary School and Six Lessons with Delphi forms the foundation for the Indigo children in a world that is strange and deeply uncomfortable for them. These children have the knowledge of our interconnectiveness -- that we are all part of and partners in the Circle of Life. This awareness needs to be supported. It should be a major focus for home, religious gatherings and schools. Loving kindness and respect for their animal brothers and sisters becomes a preventative for violence and cruelty. Whenever possible it is advisable to have animals as part of your household.

The New World Children have incarnated to assist humanity and planet Earth in a dimensional change. Encourage your children early that they can make a difference on earth. Recycle with them, discuss and practice caring for earth and her creatures. Teach them to walk gently and lovingly upon Mother Earth. You can do many things together. Both Six Lessons with Delphi and Teaching Delphi have a lot of good suggestions for family and school.

Love, praise and support your Indigo child. These children know their purpose, even though they may not voice it as yet. Give them the support they need to live their purpose, to fulfill it.

Your home and school should be a sanctuary to harbor these children in an energy that is clear, inspiring and spiritual. Call on the angels; they will assist you in controlling vibration and keeping negativity from entering. Monitor the television. Your children are exceptionally sensitive to violent and stressful programs, noises and visuals. They will soak up negative, violent and disruptive vibrations and then they may well act out the energy that has been assimilated. They will not understand why they behave as they do. You do understand and you are responsible to curb the negativity and negative influences in the life of these children.

You can stop violence by monitoring the energy in the classroom and home. This includes emotional energy in your home.

Put the children first!