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Initiation into the
Circle of Life
is a natural initiation for the young person who feels the stretch coming to break a mold, to find a purpose and to seek the wonder of all life.





The Creator's Code

The Consciousness of Delphi


The Power of Listening

Leading with Your Heart

Being a Peacemaker


A Vision Quest

By Patricia Jepsen
(2003, 8 1/2"x 5 1/2", 62 pages, coil bound, US$8.00)


Delphi points out that when you think people don't get along, they almost never do. And she uses the illustration of "rats and cats." It is interesting about rats and cats because after writing the lesson chapter, I began to hear or read actual accounts of cats and rats living together in a friendly way, eating out of the same dishes. One true story was of a pet rat who refused to eat a meal unless he could share it with the household cat out of the same dish! Well, there you are! Who believes what?

So, the notion that a shark will eat you up or maybe a deer and a lion can't be friends is only true if you believe it. Recently a teacher-friend commented that many colleges and universities were searching for independent thinkers. Have you ever thought about discarding everything you have learned and beginning again--all over--the Delphi way? What would your first thought be?

We are all peacemakers at heart. We are the peace we seek.

There is an important message to understand and to practice on page 87 of Six Lessons with Delphi. If you will read the following quote from the book, contemplate and reflect on it, I know you will know the truth of it. Prior to this paragraph, Delphi says that all are partners in the animal kingdom. A problem arises when a human does not agree with this partnership. There is a disturbance in the bands of relationship and the cohesion is broken. There is confusion then, and we all know what that can bring!

When the Creator made this earth and all the creatures and the plants, He was very specific about balance. He said that we all would be happy and well-fed if we remembered to help each other and help our Mother Earth. That's what partnership means--HELPING ONE ANOTHER.

Can we bring partnership back to earth? What can we do as individuals and as circles of service and light to restore balance to our planet? Reread Delphi's words again. The Creator, when He made the Earth and all His expressions on the planet, gave these instructions. The First Peoples might call them the Original Instructions. He said that we were to maintain the balance of earth and creatures. To keep the balance and to sustain our place in the Creator's realm on earth, we were to help one another and we were to help Mother Earth.

The Creator of all life gave these instructions. If we would live in partnership and service to one another, then we would all be happy and prosper. This is the original Earth Ethic, which many have forgotten or do not want to think about. Why do we have poverty, starvation, sickness and suffering? Follow the Creator's Original Instructions and there will be no one who will suffer and all will be nourished and well-fed.

Pretty powerful words from a messenger of the animal kingdom.

What happened? What has caused humans to break their treaty with the Creator? Delphi explains it simply. We became BUSY!

We became so busy with our own affairs that we forgot about our partnership with the Circle of Life. What happened then? Well, I don't have to tell you, do I? We began fighting against one another, we created lots of separation, and Mother Earth began to lose her balance.