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Experiencing All Life in Community

By Patricia Jepsen and Delphi
(2003, 8 1/2"x 5 1/2", 18 pages, stapled booklet, US$6.00)


A definition of "sanctuary" is a place of protection and of refuge.

Through the recently published book, Six Lessons with Delphi, and the companion syllabus Teaching Delphi, children are introduced to a wise golden retriever who with love and humor teaches the value of harmlessness, compassion, and respect for all life. They are encouraged and allowed to communicate from their heart, and "heart magic" is proclaimed as a way of life. Because the Delphi Program confirms and reinforces the original world of children--by which they see life as a circle and loving community--it supports their pursuit and expression of the natural state of their whole self without being distracted or confused by belief systems that have no heart.

All children have the innate capacity to realize the circle of life as the fullness of mind and heart. Children naturally have the desire to understand, respect and embrace all life, all the nature kingdoms, be they plant or animal. In the context of this model, the school is an all-embracing, compassionate community where children focus on service, kindness, joy and compassion shared with plants, animals, and their fellow participants. This builds and re-enforces a universal heart consciousness that will carry them in and through their adult lives.

A community-based school would demonstrate that when a child knows nothing but love, and is permitted to give love and receive love from fellow students and animal friends, something magical happens. The life or soul force rises easily and gently into the brain centers at an early age and brilliance is activated. With the interaction of the heart and mind, intelligence and intellect, great contributions can and will be made to our earth mother and the members of her family.

What is important to stress is that the Sanctuary School, using the Delphi Program as its foundation, unites children with their natural friends and trusted companions--those of the animal kingdom. Joseph Chilton Pearce in Evolution's End writes that children have "an uncanny rapport with animals." The author points out that a majority of children's stories are about animals that talk. These animals often portray desirable human characteristics and are loved and championed by the young reader. Who better to make a positive and loving impression on young children than Delphi, the golden retriever who not only talks and loves with all her heart, but also points out that each child is special?

Joseph Chilton Pearce writes that "play is the foundation of creative intelligence" in his chapter on play in Evolution's End and he states that one of the "foundations of play is storytelling." Indigenous peoples have long understood this. Audrey Shenandoah--renowned Iroquois wisdomkeeper, Clan Mother and teacher at the Onondaga School, Onondaga Nation (Syracuse, New York)--shares Six Lessons with Delphi during storytelling time. She tells me that she loves the Delphi stories. Audrey's words, as an outstanding educator, assure me that Six Lessons is a handbook and storytelling adventure that no child should be without....