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A Few Words from Pat

Why I Am Writing this Book

At Christmas Time

Finding Christmas in Your Heart

What Kids Can Do

Let's Do It!

Let's Celebrate Christmas Together this Year


By Delphi as told to Patricia Jepsen
(2003, 8 1/2"x 5 1/2", 16 pages, stapled booklet, US$5.00)


At Christmas Time

My idea is this: The most important thing about Christmas is the FEELING. There is a very special feeling around Christmas time. I have noticed it myself. People smile a lot more. They are happy. Most of them. And even if they don't have money to spend on presents they think of other ways to be kind and thoughtful.

My impression of Christmas is that it is a very friendly time. Have you noticed this?

That is why I am proposing
that Christmas be a holiday
for everyone on earth!

I want every person to be friendly that day and to feel the friendliness of others.

I have thought about this and I am ready to announce my proposal to everyone on earth!

Finding Christmas in Your Heart

Love is the most important ingredient on earth.

And if we can all have a celebration this one day out of the year and change our thoughts to love, we would solve all of our problems.

When you believe in love more than you believe in war and conflicts, there will be peace on earth.

We cannot solve our problems by conflict. You and I know this, but now the world needs to know it.

That is why I propose that Christmas become a celebration for all the earth in the company of angels!

Please call this my Heart Program.