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Teaching Delphi is the companion manual to
Six Lessons with Delphi.
It provides an outline of written and experiential learning exercises for each lesson, and offers supplemental activities and questions.

As an example, the first lesson of
Six Lessons with Delphi introduces "The Real Laws." Teaching Delphi reviews and addresses "The Real Laws" as shown in the excerpt to the right.

Six Lessons with Delphi
can be read and enjoyed by all ages. Young people will be inspired and motivated to help the earth to heal, while adults may rediscover the magic of the Circle of Life.

With Teaching Delphi, teachers and facilitators will be challenged to use their imagination and their passion for life in presenting this program of partnership on earth.

Delphi is the heart of every child and youthful person. She is the happiness and joy of a world realized in community. Perhaps more important than anything, Delphi is the remembrance of the child in all of us.

A Teaching Manual for the Sanctuary School

By Patricia Jepsen and Delphi
(2002, 8 1/2" x 11", 64 pages, coil bound, US$8.00)
Illustrated by Kimberley Hevesy
(3 illustrations, 3 photos)


The Real Laws

Pages 7-10 in Six Lessons with Delphi

Delphi tells a story about when all life lived happily and harmoniously on earth. This section encourages respect for Mother Earth and explores the kinds of laws that help our planet. Here, again, the children will find themselves included in the care and governance of our planet. RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP, COMMUNITY NETWORKING and SELF-RELIANCE.

Activity: Draw or paint a picture of what the earth looks like when she is happy and everybody knows and obeys the real laws. Make this picture as happy as you can!

Question: What is Delphi's plan? (See bottom of page 7) Do you have a plan like Delphi does?

Activity: Draw a picture of your heart and then draw the earth inside of your heart. Do you feel differently about Mother Earth when you do this?

Activity: Ask your teacher about your solar system. Find pictures of your solar system. What are the real laws that govern the solar system and all the planets?

Activity: Read the Real Laws aloud in class and discuss what they mean. Why are they good laws, laws that will make everyone happy and in tune with one another? Discuss the meaning of RESPECT.

Outdoor Activity: Practice asking permission before you pick a flower, break off a branch or pick up a stone. When you do this, can you feel the relationship between you and the flower, the tree, the stone? And do not forget to practice saying "thank you" for the flower, the branch, or the stone. Thank you is a magical power, which you will learn about later!

* Written exercises and experiential learning encourage children:

to practice the Real Laws
to realize each has a purpose and is special
to respect the rights of others as well as themselves

* Teacher interacts with children regarding:

the value of respect
the value of property
the value of all life living and working together in harmony